FFP2 protective masks

  • A distinction is made between FFP2 masks with and without a valve
  • For Corona protection, a mask without a valve is recommended
  • Regulations is EU Regulation 2016/425
  • Standard is: EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
  • (NR) at the end of the standard means: Non-Reusable
  • CE mark: Requires CE followed by a four-digit code of the notifying body
  • Notifying body: Only the bodies approved for protective masks in the EU are allowed to issue a CE (Nando database)
  • Required: The address of a distributor in the EU or Switzerland
  • BFE > 96% for particles from 0.6 μm
  • Instructions for use: Must be supplied in at least 3 national languages ​​in Switzerland
  • Total leakage: Can be a maximum of 8%

Face Masks for Coronavirus: FFP1 vs FFP2 (N95) vs FFP3 Masks

What you have to check if you buying an FFP2 mask:

  • The CE requires a 4-digit number which is printed on the packaging and on the mask
  • The standard EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 must be printed on the packaging and on the mask
  • Test reports from authorized laboratories should be available (homepage seller or importer)
  • Additional quality test reports from authorized laboratories such as SGS, TÜV, DEKRA, etc. increase the security of the quality
  • Several test reports from authorized laboratories indicate that an ongoing quality check is being carried out
  • In Switzerland, instructions for users must be available in at least 3 national languages
  • The manufacturer and or importer’s name must be printed on the mask and packaging.

What is an FFP2 mask and what does it protect against?

FFP masks – English for “filtering face pieces” – are particle filtering half masks and are originally used as dust masks (especially on construction sites). In the medical field, FFP masks are also used by nurses or medical staff as protection when treating infected patients.

Note: FFP2 masks also do not offer one hundred percent protection against infection with SARS-CoV-2. All previously applicable protective measures must therefore continue to be observed in order to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. An FFP2 mask can only be one component of these measures.

Approved bodies for CE certification of FFP2 and FFP3 respirators :

Comparison FFP2, N95, KN 95