We are a former ABB company which is specialized and experienced in the Supply Management, Manufacturing and logistics field. We act together with our partners ILB International Logistikbetriebe AG, Senator International, Jiangsu Sunshine Group, as a professional China-Sourcing-Platform, with Full-Scope Services for our customers, to manage and implement a sustainable Supply-Chain and Distribution Network from the China manufacturer to the worldwide final users in the field of PPE and medical products.

Brief History of Our Company


Strategic cooperation with Jiangsu Sunshine Group.


Foundation of ILB Helios Holding AG.


SN EN ISO 9001: 2015 / 14001 :2015


Foundation of ILB Helios AG.


ILB International Logistikbetriebe AG: Spin off from LB Logistikbetriebe AG.

Take over JV with GIS Global Industrial Supply Co. Ltd.

ISO 9001:2004 / 14001:2004 /BMECat.


Independent subsidiary founded: ABB Logistikbetriebe AG


BBC/ASEA merger: Central service company for ABB


Central store operations at BBC

Key Partners

Connecting China to the World

International cooperation

The ILB Core Team

ILB’s professional team from Europe and China is experienced in supply management, quality control and logistics.

The ILB Management Team

Franz Portmann ILB HELIOS Medical
Mr. Franz Portmann
Board Member
ILB International Logistikbetriebe AG is an International Trading Platform, and Mr. Portmann served as the company's CEO for around 20 years.
Mr. Giacomo Beretta
Sales director Italy
Mr. Beretta earned an LL.M. Masters from Boston University (Master of Laws) and since 2009 he has worked with ILB Helios. He holds multiple Directorship positions internationally.
Mr. Guenther Stonig ILB HELIOS Medical
Mr. Guenther Stonig
Founder and President ILB Helios Holding AG
Manufacturing Engineer and Economist. Former assistant to the CTO ABB Power Plant Unit. Senior Consultant in former ABB Internal Consulting Company.
Mr. Jean-Marc Viller
Sales ​​PPE & medical products
Call-Center: +41 (0) 58 585 30 60 Mobil: +41 (0) 79 320 96 66
John Zhou ILB HELIOS Medical
Mr. John Zhou
Mr. Zhou served in the China Banking Industry as Credit Officer for more than 8 years. He then joined the Energy Industry and held executive positions at several international listed Companies in the past 12 years.
Louis Liu ILB HELIOS Medical
Mr. Louis Liu
Mr. Liu served as Executive Official in several top tier Companies in the Energy Industry, including TEBA, BP Solar and Hareon Solar.
Matthias Schreuders
Mr. Matthias Schreuders
Sales Austria

The ILB China team

Wang Bingnan ILB Helios Medical
Mr. Wang Bingnan
Mr Wang Bingnan is fluent in both French and English. He has served many clients with his experience and expertise and is one of our Key Persons to secure quality on highest level.
Yuan Fangfang ILB HELIOS Medical
Ms. Yuan Fangfang
Ms Yuan Fangfang is a professional Salesperson and Expert. Focusing on Marketing and Negotiations.
Yang Hua ILB Helios Medical
Mr. Yang Hua
Mr Yang Hua has been dedicated in International Business for many years and is one of our experienced colleagues.
Zhao Jing ILB HELIOS Medical
Mrs. Zhao Jing
Trade Manager
Mrs. Zhao Jing is involved in International Trade for over 14 years, with extended knowledge and experience in Import and Export Trade.

Senator International Team

Johan Marinus Schreuders ILB HELIOS Medical
Johan Marinus Schreuders
Global Director Business Development
Steve Laurie ILB HELIOS Medical
Steve Laurie
Managing Director South Africa
Jonathan Ortelli ILB HELIOS Medical
Jonathan Ortelli
Managing Director China
Stanislav Belov ILB HELIOS Medical
Stanislav Belov
Vice President Charter Operation

11.03.2021 News

ILB Helios donates 430,000 type IIR masks for Bring Hope

The ILB donates these masks to those in need. Senator International will deliver these directly by air freight, Bring Hope will take care of the local distribution. The masks are distributed in Iraq and Lebanon.

Helios medical Personal protective equipment

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a global movement dedicated to bringing hope to millions of displaced people within their own country and region where they are in significant need of basic requirements, support and skills to restore dignity, a sense of belonging, and to thrive. This can be achieved through Bring Hope’s capabilities-based network that contributes material and non-material aid to groups of people in conflict zones through collaborative partnership and humanitarian innovation.

Bring Hope provides medicines, healthcare and equipment, hygiene necessities, and humanitarian aid for children, young people and adults through our 8 different programs.

Education (STEM)

Medical Aid

Humanitarian Aid